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Have you always wanted whiter teeth but didn’t know where to start? Many people undergo tons of do-it-yourself processes that may cause harm to the tooth enamel. Some choose the long route of home whitening programs that may turn out to be time-consuming and costly in the long run.

The best option for whiter teeth is to have it done by the experts. Smile Blanc offers professional teeth whitening in Calgary using advanced methods and meticulous care. With a team of specially trained cosmetic dental practitioners, you can experience the ultimate in teeth whitening services.

At Smile Blanc, you can have professional teeth whitening that is customized based on you the type of staining on your teeth and your dental health.

Expert dental care is important so you can optimize teeth whitening and maintain the best in oral health.

Special emphasis is also placed on creating a custom aftercare program after undergoing teeth whitening treatment to ensure that you get the most out of each procedure.

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Teeth whitening procedures will hinge on the type of stains on your teeth. A dentist who is trained in teeth whitening will be able to assess what is best for you. When the discolouration is intrinsic or internal, it becomes trickier to remove and whiten. This is when the stain has penetrated the tooth enamel. This may also signal other underlying dental health conditions that your Smile Blanc dental hygienist can help you with.Extrinsic teeth stains are discolouration found on the surface of the tooth. They are often caused by consuming food that contains staining substances, the most common of which are tea, coffee, certain wines, and spices like curry and turmeric. Ageing and wear-and-tear also cause the whiteness of our teeth to become shades duller.

Some lifestyle practices like smoking and consumption of certain medications also contribute to the deterioration of our pearly whites. Poor oral care is also a major cause of stained teeth.

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At Smile Blanc, a thorough dental exam will be given to each patient as well as an assessment on the best steps to bring your teeth shades lighter. Your dental health professional will individually document before and after the teeth whitening process so you can see the difference.

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Getting rid of stubborn stains has now become easier with Smile Blanc’s professional teeth whitening programs made available in Calgary. What are the benefits of having your smile brightened with Smile Blanc?

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  • Smile Blanc accepts all major insurance providers.
  • Payments can be made directly to our office at the time of your appointment and the dental insurance company with reimburse you directly.
  • We assist our clients by electronically submitting your claim to your dental insurer.
  • We have several payment options available for your convenience such as Visa, Mastercard, Debit or cash.
  • Direct billing is available. We offer this service for direct billing as a courtesy to you, our patients, to help dental care be accessible to you and your family. Prior to your appointment, you can contact us with your insurance information so you can be sure all services we intend to provide at your visit are covered.
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