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Welcome to Calgary’s first guided biofilm therapy independent dental hygiene practice located in the heart of downtown!

Smile blanc is fully equiped with a team of registered dental hygienists practicing individualized care using swiss technology that has only been available in Canada for one year! Guided biofilm therapy to maintain and improve our patients’ oral and overall, health.

Registered Dental Hygienists on a BIOFILM Mission

What is a Biofilm?

Biofilms are the smallest form of bacteria found in the mouth, naked to the eye, responsible for plaque and tarter, bad breath, gum disease, and can increase your risk to systemic diseases such as Cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s.

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a Swiss Technology that is known for its primary focus to remove bacteria from the mouth starting at its smallest form; Biofilm. Traditional dental hygiene appointments focus on “teeth cleaning”, where GBT actually locates all types of bacteria in all areas of the mouth and successfully removes it.

For the first time ever, our registered dental hygienists can clean our patients’ entire mouths including teeth, roots of teeth, all surrounding gum tissues, cheeks and tongue thus giving your mouth a fresh start in achieving your optimal oral health.

certificate issued by Swiss Authority to dental hygienist Leah Verstraete

Paul Emmerson
Paul Emmerson
I will tell everyone to go to smile Blanc for there cleanings from now. They were fantastic, kind, funny and very professional. no pain and I was relaxed which is huge for me as I’m Normally very anxious with anything to do with my teeth after past experiences. I truly think everyone should leave there normal cleaning place and go to smile Blanc. Very happy.
kirk wyss
kirk wyss
Always a great experience. Very professional and welcoming. Smile Blanc has improved my oral health substantially and now I take pride everyday in making sure I maintain good hygiene. Looking forward to my next visit!
Eric O
Eric O
Kim Streng
Kim Streng
Leah is an amazing Dental Hygienist! Being in the dental industry myself I would highly recommend her and Smile Blanc. My cleaning was thorough and she reviewed all the areas I need to focus on and gave me suggestions. She used the GBT ( Guided Biofilm Therapy) It was amazing the before and after. My teeth not only felt and looked clean they actually looked whiter. Leah and Nada were absolutely wonderful and the atmosphere was relaxing and chill. Highly recommend Smile Blanc!!!
Autumn Cameron
Autumn Cameron
Amazing experience! Leah is so knowledgeable and nerdy about what she is passionate about (alot like me). She was super thorough, but gentle and my mouth has never felt so clean! She checked in to make sure I wasn't experiencing any sensitivity. I was so curious about the newer technology for dental cleaning and it did not disappoint. Highly recommend.
Chloe Dusser
Chloe Dusser
Valerie Babkov
Valerie Babkov
The biofilm cleaning was incredible. I noticed a big difference from the usual dental cleaning. My mouth felt super clean for days after. This was my first in house whitening experience and I was so happy with my result! The space is immaculately clean and inviting. Loved the personal tv while processing. Highly recommend for someone wanting new technology for the cleanest of teeth!
Justin Ratushniak
Justin Ratushniak
Leah was amazing as always. She is great at what she does and always available to help with all my oral hygiene needs.
Liana Ledgerwood
Liana Ledgerwood
Leah was amazing. She took the time to explain to me what we were doing and always ensured I felt comfortable throughout the process. Best cleaning I have ever had!
tonny luu
tonny luu
Went to smile blanc for the first time this week. To be honest was pretty nervous, but Leah was extremely friendly and professional and had a clear passion what she does. Made my experience extremely comfortable. Highly recommend if you need any work done. I will be going back again for more work. 5 stars

Meet the Team

Our experts have built experience, trust, and loyalty in our practice.

Leah Verstraete R.D.H.

Leah Verstraete R.D.H.

Nada Vulic R.D.H.

Elaina Rigoni R.D.H.

Teeth Cleaning Near You

Getting to the Root of Dental Hygiene Dilemmas

Did you know that you need to be concerned about something more than just the deep cleaning of your teeth, tartar removal, or plaque removal? We need to know that all these problems are rooted in the presence of dental biofilm within your mouth.

What is Dental Biofilm?

Biofilms are highly organized microscopic communities of bacteria that live in your mouth responsible for bad breath and gum disease and can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies show that up to 50% of biofilm is left behind in your mouth after traditional hygiene appointments, making your ordinary teeth cleaning process inadequate.

Guided Bio film Tool

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Guided Biofilm Therapy aka GBT is a Swiss dental technology that allows our hygienists to remove not only the biofilm bacteria on your teeth and root surfaces but all surrounding gum tissues, including your cheeks, tongue, and the roof of your mouth.
This service will redefine your dental hygiene experience with its minimally invasive delivery to completely get rid of current biofilm bacteria in your mouth.

Guided Biofilm Therapy – The Modern Method of Dental Cleaning Now in Calgary!

Don’t be unsettled because, for the first time ever, Smile Blanc’s team of dental hygienists have pioneered Guided Biofilm Therapy in Calgary. We use state-of-the-art GBT processes to completely decontaminate our patient’s mouth of biofilm bacteria.


Smile Blanc follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide


Making it easy for you

Smile Blanc accepts all major insurance providers. Payments are made directly to our office at the time of your appointment and the dental insurance company with reimburse you directly. Prior to your appointment, you can contact us with your insurance information so you can be sure all services we intend to provide at your visit are covered.

We assist our clients by electronically submitting your claim to your dental insurer. We have several payment options available for your convenience such as Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash. Direct billing is available. We offer this service for direct billing as a courtesy to you, our patients, to help dental and orthodontic care is more accessible to you and your family.

Registered Dental Hygienists on a Mission…

… To Disrupt How Teeth Cleaning is Done!

What to expect during my appointment?

Once our registered dental hygienists locate all foreign microbes in our patients’ mouth, our registered dental hygienists apply our touchless AIRFLOW devices which uses a combination of warm water, air and an antibacterial agent to remove 99.9% of all bacteria in the mouth it. This technology provides many benefits like:

  • Teeth are one shade lighter after visit.
  • Delivery of an antibacterial agent up to 4mm under gum that continues to work for up to a week after your visit.
  • For those with Periodontal disease there is a separate attachment to reach 8mm under gums.
  • A different approach to your dental cleaning.
Our team of registered dental hygienists can check your insurance coverage to see if you are eligible for this treatment.

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How to get started with Guided biofilm therapy hygiene appointment and professional blue light teeth whitening appointment.

Patients must start with a hygiene appointment even if they are only seeking professional teeth whitening appointment. Smile Blanc’s registered dental hygienists need to ensure a clean and healthy mouth prior to any teeth whitening. If teeth are not cleaned first, you are simply just whitening the bacteria on the teeth. If the gums are bleeding and infected teeth whitening can make the gum disease worse.

Smile Blanc requires in house GBT teeth cleaning prior to whitening as Smile Blanc provides a different type of cleaning we can not ensure results if we are not starting with the same base prior to hygiene.

Guided Biol Film Therapy VS Old Hygience Treatement


New Patient at Smile Blanc?

Your first visit includes:
– A head and neck assessment.
– Oral cancer screening.
– Cavity Detection.
– An oral hygiene status with full mouth probe.
– Guided Biofilm Therapy Cleaning ( Airflow, Piezon, Fine hand scale).
– Optional fluoride treatment.
– Home care recommendations.
– Cleaning frequency recommendations based on current oral health status.
– 5d imaging scan.

Am I a candidate for Smile Blanc?

– Are you interested in improving your oral health?
– Are you interested in whitening benefits with every hygiene appointment?
– Are you prone to getting little to no cavities?
– Are you looking to see a hygienist beyond your regular dentist visits?
– Did you know if you see your registered dental hygienist regularly, patients can keep a healthy smile for a lifetime!

How often should I visit?

Dental hygiene visits depend on each patients’ individual needs. This includes patient home care, genetics, accumulation of bacteria in between visits and current state of patients’ mouth.

Gingivitis or more severe gum disease such as periodontitis where 3month hygiene appointments are recommended. Smile Blanc provides individualized care informing patients on how frequently they should return for hygiene appointments; however, patients have the choice of how often they seek dental hygiene appointments.

What About my dentist?

After a new patient hygiene appointment, patients will have a clear understanding if they need to see a dentist or any type of specialist. If there are cavities found or… our patients have the choice to see their regular dentist.

If they are looking to make a change, Smile Blanc can refer patients to a dentist in their area. If there are no concerns, patients can visit and schedule regular hygiene appointments with Smile Blanc to maintain a healthy smile.

What If I have a cavity forming?

Cavity reversal- if a cavity is starting to form, our hygienists can clean out the area without freezing and apply a strong fluoride solution that will stop and reverse the cavity before a filling is required.

This is known as Silver Diamine fluoride Treatment. This approach preserves our patients’ teeth in their natural state for as long as possible.

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We are located on the retail level of the SODO residences in downtown Calgary. Street parking is available on 10th Street, please let us reimburse you if you choose to do so. Parking lot available under Marriot Residences Hotel via INDIGO. Text or call us today!

Why Guided Biofilm Therapy?

GBT’s dental cleaning at Smile Blanc is your best option for dental hygiene because it is:
• Warm 40° water is used in GBT treatment
• The process is quick and effective – it’s 99.9% pain-free!
• Vegan friendly

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